7 Best Watches for Men in 2019- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

A stylish and premium-quality watch should be an essential accessory in every guy’s wardrobe. There are many well-known watchmakers in the market, which introduce great timepieces to add to your personality. You’ll get both high-end as well as cheap watches for men. There are several reasons and benefits of using a wristwatch. It helps you keep a track of time anywhere even in the meetings, lets you set timer or alarm (some models have this feature), makes great heirloom, and most importantly it reminds you about your bond with time.  

Some of you who have good knowledge about timepieces may not find selecting a watch a difficult task, but most people don’t know much about the aspects of wristwatches and hence can face a challenge in doing so. So, in this article, we’ll guide you how to choose a timepiece for yourself as well as will suggest some of the best watches for men to buy in 2019. 

difficult task, but most people don’t know much about the aspects of wristwatches and hence can face a challenge in doing so. So, in this article, we’ll guide you how to choose a timepiece for yourself as well as will suggest some of the best watches for men to buy in 2019. 

Factors to Consider When Buying Best Watches for Men

There are a few factors, which must be considered before you decide to buy any watch. Let’s go through them in detail:

1. Movements

Understanding how your watch works is the first factor that should be considered. The movements in a watch are significant that are called ‘calibre’ in technical language and it is basically the system inside the watch. The small yet tremendously complex engine that ‘ticks’ your watch is an essential part of every watch. Calibre is of three types- quartz, mechanical, and automatic. 

Quartz: The quartz movement is brought by Seiko, the watch manufacturer of Japan in 1969. It challenged the watch companies that utilized the conventional mechanical calibre to run their watches. The quartz calibre introduced battery-operated wristwatches. The quartz watches operate on the battery that directs the electrical signal via crystal quartz piece. The quartz system vibrates accurately 32768 times every second that generates a signal of a specific frequency. A circuit counts these vibrations and then convert them into a single pulse for every second, where a continuous movement of timepiece hands are the results of this specific pulse.

The reasons behind the preference of quartz calibre watch over other mechanisms are their unparalleled advantages. Everyone expects from their timepiece to show accurate time and the quartz watch will undoubtedly do that. Thanks to their battery-powered system, which makes them easy to use. Furthermore, they are inexpensive, require low maintenance, and are durable as compared to other calibre of timepieces. 

Mechanical: A spring operates the mechanical calibre. This spring is also called mainspring, which needs to be timely twisted. The mechanical or manual watches virtually do a similar task as done by the watches with quartz calibre. Nevertheless, it is the fanciest calibre because it features the intricate moving gears linked with spiralling springs, which fuel the movement of watch hand with precise accuracy.

Few of its rotor mechanisms work in perfect conjunction with earth’s gravity, compressing its mainspring when the wrist moves and create kinetic energy which then fuels the mechanism of automatic winding. These watches have an intricate mechanism that can be described only as art; to be specific. There is some manual calibre watch that transpires into completely different entities. They are no more meant for a reading time but more appropriately meant to be cherished as a collector’s item.

There is a list of benefits of mechanical timepieces, including impressive longevity that sometimes lasts for a lifetime. This makes a perfect gift for the next generation as a token of a family heirloom. There is no requirement of battery replacements while you need to manually rewind the mechanical wristwatch. Most mechanical timepieces feature a case that is designed of clear sapphire on the back, which provides a clear sight of accurate oscillations and rotations of the small parts.

Automatic: These timepieces are also known as a self-winding watch. It is a mechanical watch that works on the kinetic energy from the natural movement and motion of the wearer’s wrist. Therefore, the mainspring of the watch gets automatically twisted from all the natural movement of the wearer’s wrist and manual winding is never required. Since, there are extra metal weights known as rotors, which spins with each motion of the wrist; the timepiece appears thick. Due to the multiple rotors, a high-quality automatic watch will weigh heavier than other calibre watches.  

There is no requirement to manually rewind or change the battery with automatic timepieces. 

2. Type of Watch

There are 5 main type or genres of wristwatches. Such a variety is essential because of the style requirement and their utility for different occasions.

  • Diving Watch: Designed to be used in water especially in deep oceans, the diving watches are highly functional and are of the great use to swimmers. The main characteristics of these timepieces are their luminous dials and hands, unidirectional bezel and rough design. It is practical in showing the amount of immersion time left for the user. Most diver’s watch models are inspired from 1953 Rolex Submariner- it was the first wrist timepiece that can be put to work at the depth of 100 meters. Nevertheless, a diving watch is all-rounder men’s accessory that excels in quality, looks, and performance. 
  • Aviation Watch: These watches were introduced by a watch manufacturing company “Cartier” in 1911 for a pioneering pilot “Alberto Santos Dumont”. It’s bezel and slide rule can provide a lot of significant information to pilots at that time when there was no electronic navigation. Mostly models of aviation watch still feature the blackface having luminous numerals and dials, which are easily usable in dark areas and at night. 
  • Driving Watch: Just like to flying and diving, the motorsport also has its own timepiece, which had a stopwatch and a tachymeter that would measure the vehicle’s speed. It provided a stylish masculine look and the same level of user experience to the wearer. Many manufacturers produced this type of timepieces when the automobile trade boomed in the western part of the world and wearers wanted to accentuate something. Even then the utility was prioritized over style which turns these watches excellent in terms of both performances and looks.
  • Dress Watch: This type of timepiece appears more likely jewellery-like watch, which is generally sleek, so it can be overlooked when the wearer is putting it on. They are meant to be hidden under the cuff of the wearer’s clothing until he needs to know the time. The strap is usually made of leather that helps in keeping the watch in place on the wrist, without sliding at all. Generally, it is marked with Roman numerals on a sober dial and has no adornments that add a blingy touch just like other watches. Most models of the dress watches are designed using precious metal that makes them high-quality and durable. 
  • Minimalist Watch: These watches are mostly picked by those who want high-end accessories that look stylish without being too chunky. Such timepieces tend to feature quartz calibre, but some of them come with a combination of automatic and manual calibre. Those who believe that the internal mechanism of a watch is as important as its external design usually buy minimalist watches. 

3. Pricing

Pricing is a complex part while picking any watch because people may ask, why a specific wristwatch of a well-known brand costs $700, and a similar watch of a lesser-known or unknown brand costs $150? This all happens due to the material, manufacturing time, and brand heritage. If we talk about the quartz watches, they are low cost. These are the cheap watches for men if you get it from a local band, but if you buy it from a renowned Swiss brand, it will cost higher. On the other hand, automatic calibre watch is priced high because they are often in-house creations and rigorously tested for any defects. However, these watches come in a better design, has a sturdy body, which is designed by experts. Therefore, it’s necessary to fix a budget for your watch. 

4. Complications

The additional dials and hands in the watches are considered as ‘Complications’. These are chronograph watches that feature stopwatch functionality, which is used mainly in the motorsports watches to ‘GMT’. It has a fourth hand that could be set for another time zone that the user wants. Though, we don’t require complications in this era of technology when mobile can itself do multiple things, but then; that is definitely not the point of discussion. A complex dial will earn you the compliments!

5. Size

As every individual has a different wrist size, there is no particular size of the watch. Though a few watches feature large cases and the majority of them feature 34 mm – 44 mm diameter. Those who have a slim wrist should choose a wristwatch with a diameter of 34 mm to 40 mm while watches with 46 mm diameter are the best watches for men with rugged personality and broad wrists. You must also know that the thickness of the case does change the look of their watch. A 10 mm thick timepiece will fit under the cuff better than a 15 mm watch.

6. Straps

The material and design of the straps of the wristwatch are important characteristics of any timepiece. The metal bracelet complements a masculine watch while the leather straps suit dressy and traditional timepieces. Though, leather straps aren’t suggested for active people who sweat more or spend time in water; metal is best for them. Those who lead a relaxed lifestyle and spend most of their time indoors should get a watch with a leather strap.

7. Accuracy

Quartz watches are highly accurate in showing time, but the automatic timepieces only gain or lose 30 seconds in the whole week. However, if you’re looking for a super-accurate mechanical watch, then you should opt for a ‘chronometer’ watch, which is recognized by COSC. The design for 6 percent of all mechanical watches and cost a lot. Accuracy in time is of utmost importance unless you’re a scientist and use your watch for experiments. 

7 Best Watches for Men in 2019

Best Luxury Watch for Men- Rolex GMT Master II

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For those who’re looking for the best luxury watch, we’ve Rolex GMT Master II in our list. This timepiece by famous watchmaking brand “Rolex” justifies each penny by offering you a classy look and top-notch accuracy. Whether you’re getting ready for a formal meeting or any family or friend gathering, it will compliment your dress code. 

Powered by an automatic movement system that is encased in a stainless-steel structure, it shows accurate time. The light-colored dotted markers and hand sticks are clearly visible on the black dial. Thanks to its stainless-steel band that comes with a fold-over clasp to give you the right fit. It has a round face, which suits well to most men. 

Best Pilot Watch for Men- Bremont MBIII

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The full-form of MB is Martin Baker who designs ejection seats, and this Bremont MBIII is capable to withstand the high forces that push a pilot out of a plane. It is a perfect pilot partner that is sure to impress the wearer with its accuracy. 

This Bremont men’s watch boasts an elegant appeal with its round face and black leather straps. Its automatic chronometer is encased in an anti-shock case, which ensures safety and durability. In addition to this, this timepiece comes with a white dial and black markings and hands for better visibility of time. 

Best Dive Watch for Men- Seiko SRP779 Turtle

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Divers here is a best-in-class timepiece for you- Seiko SRP779 Prospex Turtle. Most of the Amazon customers have reviewed this Seiko diver’s watch a high-performance piece. We’re a huge fan of this wristwatch too! Let’s talk a little about its features.

First thing first it has a round bezel that makes a nice option for most of the men out there. Secondly, it features a case of 43mm diameter, which looks amazing on the wrist. Further, it’s powered by a 4R36 automatic caliber with 24 Jewels (Made in Japan) to output accurate time. The best part about this men’s watch is that it doesn’t compromise on style factor at all. It features a black dial, which is accented with luminous silver-tone markings and hands. 

Best Automotive Watch for Men- Omega Speedmaster ‘57

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Every man should have an automotive watch like Omega Speedmaster ‘57 in his watch collection. It is a modern timepiece that balances the latest features and ultimate style to deliver unexpected performance. It’s available in silver-tone to suit your almost all outfits- formals and casuals. With a perfect size case- 38.6mm diameter, it will look great on all sizes of wrists. 

This Omega analog watch is powered by a Swiss automatic caliber system for accurate time output. Furthermore, the black dial accommodates a chronograph that improves the overall look of the watch. The best part is that it won’t stop working if wet as resists water. 

Best Dress Watch for Men- Patek Philippe Calatrava Model 5196R

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This timepiece by Patek Philippe is quite perfect in all aspects. The Calatrava reflects the classic style with an understated silver dial, sleek 37mm case in the rose gold finish, and brown leather straps. Whether you’re looking for a perfect accessory for your everyday outfit or formal attire, this simple watch is going to take your style to the next level. The brand sends this stylish watch in a good-looking box, which makes a perfect gifting idea too!

Let’s move further to its functions- it’s Swiss Automatic caliber is all set to show you the exact time. It’s your perfect companion that helps you manage and complete your work on time. Its alligator straps are accented with a tang buckle for a secure fit. You can move your wrist as you want as it promises to stay in place. We’re sure you’re not going to regret your purchase!

Best Horological for Men- Patek Philippe 5212A

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Another ultimate timepiece by Patel Philippe is this 5212A model. This watch features the entirely new complication from the house of Patek, which maintains the 52 weeks of a year in Euro Style. It appears super stylish, making a great addition to the watch collection of any guy. The numerals and letters are clearly visible on the light-colored dial. 

It integrates a self-winding mechanical movement system for an optimized performance. The hand-stitched calfskin strap is super comfortable on your wrist. Additionally, it’s in light brown shade to suit your all attires. The prong buckle takes the credit for offering you a precise fit. 

Best Inexpensive Watch for Men – Citizen NH8350-83L

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Citizen is one of the top watchmaking brands in the industry that has many loyal clients. It brings you the Citizen NH8350-83L watch, which is a perfect option for those looking for a branded, stylish yet affordable watch. It’ll be hard to find a better mechanical timepiece for less

Integrating Miyota 8200 automatic calibre into a clean stainless-steel case, the NH8350-83L promise to show you an exact time. Its sunray blue dial is accented with silver markings and hands. The silver wrist chain will go well with all attires, making it a great dress watch for men. 


Why should a man wear a watch?

Though it’s a completely personal choice to wear a watch. However, there are certain benefits of wearing a watch, which make it a must-have necessity for men. 

  • Time management

When you have a watch on your wrist, it becomes easier for you to complete your tasks on time. Your mind is set to complete a particular task in a specific time frame. This improves your productivity and helps you value your time. 

According to Charles Darwin “A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of the time”.   

  • A professional way to check the time

Whether you’re in an important business meeting or a regular team huddle, a watch is a perfect and highly professional way to keep an eye on the time than accessing your mobile in between a meeting.

  • Style

A timepiece to a man is as important as makeup to a woman, it is a necessity. A nice watch not only upgrades your personality but also reflects your style. For example: a simple and minimal watch your professionalism. 

  • Function

These days watchmakers are making multifunctional watches. It’s convenient for you to set the date and time of various time zones in a single timepiece. Some digital watches allow you to make calls, revert your messages, or browse the websites with ease.

Which type of watch looks great for formal events?

Usually, watches that are designed to suit formal clothing and events have no complications, fewer hands, and feature quite simple styling.  They are meant to just to show the time and hide under the cuff of your shirt.  

Obviously, there are some of the exceptions present in the market, but it’s always best to keep it minimal. 

On which wrist should a man wear his watch?

Although, it completely depends on the wearer on which wrist he wants to wear his watch but as per the norm, he should wear it on the left arm. 

It is because most individuals are right-handed and therefore, use their right hand to do different things throughout the day. This increases the risk of damage to the watch. Therefore, wearing a watch on the left wrist saves it from damages. 

Furthermore, it’s easier for them to adjust and wind their watch on the left wrist with the right hand. 

Now, some of you might have a question in mind that what about the left-handed men. These days watches having a winding mechanism on the right side are easily available, so they can put on the watch on the right hand easily and safely. 

How long does a good-quality watch lasts?

A good watch can last for an unexpected period provided it meets the following conditions:

  • You take good care of your watch. Maintenance is the key.
  • It features great built that lets it withstand everyday challenges such as shocks, moisture exposure, and vibrations. 
  • It’s designed using premium-quality materials that will last for longer and offer great resistance to corrosion, daily wear and tear. 
  • Spare parts are readily available for the purpose of repair and replacement.

What are the 5 top watch brands in the world?

There are some of the well-known watchmakers that offer best-in-class timepieces, but there are some unknown or lesser-known companies that manufacturer better watches than high-end brands. So, it’s a completely subjective question as something that’s best for us might not be best for you. However, to name 5 top watch brands in the world, we’ve shortlisted these 5 watchmakers:

  • Breguet
  • Omega
  • Patek Phillipe
  • Seiko
  • Vacheron Constantin


Getting the right watch to match your style and requirements could become a task of trouble if you’re less or even not at all aware of the watch. We’ve presented a detailed buyer’s guide along with the best watches for men list available in the world to help you choose from. All of the above models are the top choices in the industry that won’t disappoint at all. 

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