Home Decor Ideas : 8 Best Sleeper Sofas for your Living Room

The interior structure of every home is different; therefore, everyone invests in suitable furniture that makes it look organised rather than over-occupied. Everyone wishes to have a separate guest room at their place where their guests can take rest, but this isn’t reality. Many people live in small spaces like studio or condo where there is not much space to accommodate even two to three guests. Therefore, multi-functional furniture is required. So, furniture manufacturers introduced the sleeper sofas in the market.

What is a sleeper sofa? It’s a two-in-one piece of furniture that lets you use it as a sofa in the daytime and as a bed at night. There is no requirement of a separate bed or couch when you have this specific furniture. These are the most convenient way to save space in your small apartment of room. 

A sleeper sofa, also known as a sleeper couch, sofa bed, and sofa cum bed comes in a variety of styles to select from. So, if you’re planning to buy a sofa bed then go through our list of top-rated and reviewed sleeper sofas. Also, don’t forget to check out the buying guide and FAQ section to know everything about sleeper sofas. 

How We Reviewed these Sofa Beds?

In order to give you honest reviews about the best sleeper sofas in the market, we have researched about 15 sofa beds thoroughly, which took 87 hours. We’ve gone through the reviews of each model on the official brand website as well as other retailer’s websites. Also, we visited some of the furniture showrooms near our office to test out sofa beds (however, only some of the models are available in the store). 

Top-Rated and Reviewed Sleeper Sofa

HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch

Refresh the look of your living room by bringing this HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch. Designed specifically to fit ideally in small spaces such as apartments, studios or condos, this luxury sofa couch can be converted into a bed for a better night’s sleep. 

Featuring an L-shape design, this single piece of furniture is enough for your guest room where your guests can enjoy reading books or watching TV in the daytime and comfortably sleep at night. Get it in light grey, dark grey and beige. 

HONBAY guarantees you a high-quality with the durable and stress-free fabrics, solid foot support and hardwood frame, and comfy foam. The sectional sofa also has a reversible chair lounge that gives you the freedom to use this furniture just like you want. Best-selling sofa bed!

Blu Dot Contemporary Mono MO1-SLPSFA-BL Sleeper Sofa; $1,839.20

The simple design combines a solid kiln-dried hardwood framework and a tempered steel spring system to support the foldout mattress. The brand takes care of your comfort by adding a supportive and comfortable fibre padding and foam cushions. We’re impressed that its top cover not only looks luxurious, but its bottom side has an ability to withstand abrasion and prevent mildew. Durable!

The Blu Dot brings you a sleeper sofa that is comfortable as well as elegant to ideally suit most spaces and decors. It also comes with three down pillows in four lovely finishes to pick from- Packwood Grey, Spitzer Grey, Hart Sand, and Packwood Orange. Due to the limited color options, you may find it difficult to customize it in your home, but thankfully it has a plain base that makes it suitable for modern interiors. 

DHP Emily Convertible Sleeper Sofa

This DHP Emily convertible futon and sofa bed is layered with luxurious faux leather or linen upholstery that looks simply beautiful with chrome legs. This modern furniture features uplifted armrests and tufted cushions for optimal comfort and support. 

You can consider it as a three-in-one sofa that has a split-back design for easy conversion to a sofa, bed, or even a lounger. The foam and polyester seat offers a firm feel to relax and make the most of your leisure hours. 

Some of the customers complained about the defective units, but don’t worry the brand gives a 1-year warranty to repair all the defects in your convertible sofa bed.  

The Emily Futon sleeper sofa has an understated contemporary design that mirrors luxury but is available at an affordable price tag. This sofa bed by Emily makes a good choice for those want to complete the look of their guest room or living room but are low on budget. 

DHP Dillan Convertible Futon, $251.11

The DHP Dillan Convertible Futon allows you to create a comfortable space for your family and guests. It’s stylish convertible furniture that is layered with a microfiber cover with clean stitched horizontal lining pattern. Its solid tapered legs keep this futon stable. Cleaning the microfiber upholstery is a breeze. 

With a relaxed and casual look, the Dillian Futon by DHP makes a nice addition to your home. This convertible futon can be part of the nap room of any office. It can be set in multiple positions from a comfy couch or lounge to a bed. You’ll become a fan of its firm padding. 

Set up this Dillian Futon effortlessly and in no time as it comes with all necessary installation parts. You get it in gray, cream, and beige upholstery to complement your space. 

According to a customer’s review on Amazon, the futon has plastic legs that look like wood but are sturdy enough to last for long. Furthermore, the legs are layered with wool felt to protect the surface of the floors when you move or convert it. Amazon’s choice!

La-Z-Boy Leah Supreme Comfort™ Sofa Bed, $1,179.99

Featuring a comparatively slim profile when folded, the La-Z-Boy Leah Supreme Comfort™ Sofa Bed creates a welcoming look in your home. It comes with pillow backrests, contouring roll armrests, removable seat cushions, and accent pillows to deliver unmatched support and comfort.

If you look at it from the view of a bed, it’s combined with Supreme Comfort™ innerspring mattress, which provides enough sleeping space for two people. 

It comes in a variety of designs for the sofa cover, including plain and decorative patterns, so there are chances that you will get this premier sofa bed that complements your current decor. Variety!

Assembled in the US, the La-Z-Boy Sofa bed comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty to assure of premium quality; but you can expect anything more for such a great product at this price at the price. 

The Leah Premier Supreme Comfort™ Sleeper sofa is a classy pull-out sofa that is designed for people who want to bring elegance in their homes without making any compromise on comfort.

Andover Mills Minter Sofa Bed

The Andover Milla Minter Sofa Bed has polyester microfiber upholstery along with foam back cushions and seats. It is a spacious sleeper sofa that offers seating space for three and sleeping area for two people. The brand says that the seat has medium firmness but, as per the customer reviews, it tends to become soft as time passes by. 

You’ll also get two toss pillows that are filled polyester blend material for additional back support. The whole framework sits on solid wood legs. 

The Minter sofa bed comes with a 1-year warranty, which means Andover Mills is offering you the security to repair any manufacturing defects. 

You can purchase this sleeper sofa in different color options- solid shades of mocha, sage, crimson red, black and dark brown. Additionally, the Minter sleeper sofa exudes a unique design with its square-tufted upholstery that makes it a great fit for your hallway as well as guest place.

Novogratz Brittany Sofa Sleeper; $842.21

When it comes to finding space-saving furniture without sacrificing comfort, the modern Novogratz Brittany Sofa Sleeper has got you covered. It features a stunning design with clean and straight lines on the backrest, sturdy wooden legs, and elegant linen upholstery. Thanks to its enclosed coil cushions that ensure that users are at comfort when they sit or lay straight. 

This queen sleeper sofa opens up to introduce a comfortable sleeping space that has a cushiony memory foam mattress. This mattress contours to the shape of a person’s body and disperses weight uniformly, promoting a good night’s sleep. Additionally, the slanted legs and curved armrests work together to boast a perfectly rounded look. 

You can make this Novogratz Brittany sofa bed a part of your living room, guest room, or even your children’s bedroom. You just have to pull out the mattress, take a warm duvet, soft bed linen and pillows to relax on this luxurious sleeper sofa. 

Serta Rane Collection Convertible Sofa, $159.99

The Serta Rane Convertible Sofa is a dynamic piece of furniture that goes well with any style of home. It’s multi-functional that can be used as a lounger and a bed for yourself and your guests. Manufactured with the Serta’s patented Finger Guard Mechanism that ensures that your fingers remain safe while opening and closing this convertible sofa. 

The credit goes to its pocket coils and high-density foam webbing inside the cushions to offer top-notch comfortability. We love its quality upholstery that’s further tufted with buttons for improved aesthetic appeal. 

The navy blue, charcoal, black, and java coloured upholstery is sure to enhance the beauty of your room. The brand has included the required assembly tools along with an instruction manual to guide you about the assembly process. 

Now let’s move further to buying tips for a sleeper sofa. 


Before buying this versatile home furniture, you should consider the following factors as they will make sure you purchase the most appropriate sofa bed for your space.

  1. Style

Sleeper sofas are available a variety of styles ranging from elegant futons to bigger couches.

  • Futon: It’s the simplest style of a sleeper sofa that is available in the market. Most futons combine a single cushion on the top of a wooden or metal frame; these can be folded up to make the seating as well as can be unfolded for a sleeping platform. Futons are a famous option for apartments owing to their low-profile design and relatively small size. You must also know that a futon sleeper sofa features a no-frills appearance that may make them very simple for some spaces.
  • Pullout sofa: It’s the most traditional option for a sofa cum bed as it delivers dual benefit by acting as a comfy full-size sofa and a bed as required. Similar to a sleeper chair, the pullout couch can be picked in any size and style ranging from small, loveseats to large sectional sofas. A typical three-seater sofa is the most common style that people usually opt for as it comes with a queen-size mattress, offering a large space. 

  • Sleeper chair: If you’ve less space in your home, a sleeper chair makes a perfect choice, since it converts into a twin bed. They’re available in many other styles than just a simple futon, including tufted, overstuffed chairs, shabby slipcovered, etc. It should be noted that sleeper chairs are usually wider than standard armchairs. 
  1. Functionality

Before you buy a sofa bed, always try to unfold it in the showroom or at least go through the customer’s reviews who have bought it to ensure that the sleeper sofa can be unfolded conveniently.  Let’s now understand the different types of opening mechanisms of the sleeper sofa.

  • Pull-out: These days, most sleeper sofas and chairs are made to easily open by simply pulling with one hand. Post taking off the cushions of the sofa, you’ll get access to the bottom part, featuring a pull on a handle that allows you to unfold the mattress in three parts.  The pull-out sofa bed is the most common type.
  • Power open: Those who suffer from back or mobility issues should invest in the power-open sleeper sofa. It integrates the high-tech opening mechanism that lets a sofa bed mattress to unfold with just a push of a button.
  • Click-clack: A click-clack mechanism is a convenient way to unfold most futons. You just have to pull the frame of sofa towards the front until it clicks and folds it straight again so it converts into an even surface. 
  1. Mattress Material

There aren’t just looks and styles when you shop for a sofa bed, there is a lot more to think about. The primary reason for buying a sleeper sofa is to have a versatile option for both sitting and sleeping which means it must be comfortable. In simple words, the comfortability is directly linked to the quality of mattress used in your sleeper sofa. Different styles of sofa beds come with different types of mattresses that can make your purchase a hit or fail. 

We’ve listed down the type of sleeper sofa mattresses to help to find the high-quality one:

  • Foam: This is the most popular type of mattress that’s widely used for both futons and sleeper sofas. If you plan to buy a sofa bed with a foam mattress, then choose the one with higher density. A standard sleeper sofa mattress is just 3-5 inches deep, hence a low-density mattress means a less comfortable bed and you will feel each element of the bed frame. Investing in a high-quality material like gel or memory foam can take the comfortability to the next level. 
  • Cotton/polyester fill: Usually the cotton or polyester fill mattress is found in futon cushions. These mattresses are available in varied thicknesses to offer enhanced comfort. It’s great to pick a mattress with at least 8 inches thickness. 
  • Air-over-coil: These are a new type of mattress that has entered into the market. The base is integrated with innerspring while the top part has an air bed to give you a super-comfy experience while sitting or sleeping. The comfortability of the air-over-coil mattress is appreciated by a lot of customers. It is twice as thick as a usual sofa bed mattress but still fits in the frame nicely. 
  • Innerspring: Earlier the innerspring mattresses were not so comfy due to which people hesitate to buy futons and sofa beds with this material, manufacturers have upgraded their quality by using thicker padding and extra coils for an excellent night’s sleep. 

The most comfortable innerspring mattresses are approximately 5 inches deep and feature steel coils along with the thicker and quilted cover. It should be noted that these can be little noisy, therefore choose them if you’re using them in your personal space rather than in a shared room. 

  1. Price Range

Sofa beds are available at different prices; for example, you may get a futon at approximately $200 while a sleeper sofa can range from $900 to $2500 or even higher. We’re sure you want to know about the factors that affect the price of sleeper sofas. 

  • Size: First things first, the size of the sleeper sofa determines its cost. This means if you go for a larger sofa bed, it will cost you higher and vice-versa. It happens because the larger sleeper sofa will have a larger mattress. 
  • Mattress material: Secondly, the material of the mattress makes a huge difference in the overall quality of the sleeper sofa as, after all, it’s all about comfort. A premium memory foam mattress will be expensive as compared to a polyester fill mattress. 
  • Upholstery: Upholstery can make or break the look of your sleeper sofa. Therefore, people pay more attention to upholstery. A luxury upholstery like leather, velvet, or custom colours or fabrics will fall on the expensive side than typical basketweave linen or cotton twill. 
  • Opening mechanism: Last but not least, the opening and closing mechanism decide the ease of use. If you want a sleeper sofa that can be opened and closed effortlessly and within seconds (such as an automatic open and shut system) then you’ll have to pay more than a sofa bed with manual opening and clothing mechanism. 


How to make a sleeper sofa more comfortable?

Here are simple steps to make your sleeper sofa more comfortable to sit and sleep on:

  • Mattress Topper Addition: add extra padding to the sleeper sofa mattress to provide more comfort to your body. Choose the thicker mattress topper that’s made of high-quality material such as memory foam, down, and more. 
  • Get a New Mattress: buying a new mattress for your pull-out couch can further add to its comfortability. You’ll notice a great difference when you replace the original ones with the new thick mattresses. 
  • Use Pillows to Fill Gaps: gaps between sleeper sofa mattresses can reduce comfortability. So, make sure there aren’t any gaps by using pillows. This will offer more space to sit or sleep.
  • Choose the Quality Beddings: beddings made of soft and premium-quality materials can provide a high-level comfort to your back while sleeping. Also, make sure the sleeper sofa bed sheet is of the right size that covers it from end to end. You can get the clips to fix the beddings in place. 
  • Relax on a Duvet: in order to enhance the support and comfort of your sleeper sofa, we recommend to buy a sleeper sofa duvet. A quality duvet such as those made of down material offers unrivalled comfort. 

How to repair a sleeper sofa?

The primary step to repair a sleeper sofa is to identify the problem. Sofa cum beds are component-based furniture that combines a sleeper mechanism, a sofa frame, mattress cushions, etc. Once the problem has been known, that damaged component can be repaired easily, or maybe replaced. For instance, replacing a complete sleeper sofa is not a wise decision if only its mechanism requires a replacement. 

How much does a sleeper sofa weigh?

The weight of a sleeper sofa depends on the weight of the sleeper mechanism that’s manufactured using steel. Generally, most queen sleeper sofas have a weight of 180 lbs. Smaller ones such as futon sleeper sofa weigh less.

Some premium-quality sleeper sofas such as the American Leather Comfort Sleepers in queen size weigh approximately 250 lbs. owing to the wooden platform. 

Is the sleeper sofa a futon?

In Japanese a “Futon” means bed. Basically, a futon is a mattress, which can be converted into a sofa when not in use or in the day time. On the other hand, a sleeper sofa is a couch that can be converted into a bed for sleeping. Therefore, we can consider that futon is a type of sleeper sofa that has the same functionality as that of sofa bed i.e. it is used for sitting and sleeping. 

How to maintain a sleeper bed?

Sofa beds are too easy to care for and will be a part of your sweet home for many years with regular maintenance:  

Clean the Surface: like any other sofa, you can improve the longevity of the cushions by regular vacuuming and spot-cleaning. This will keep them fresh and new even after years.

Clean the internal part: Whether you use sofa bed mattresses regularly or occasionally, it’s important to keep them clean. You just have to open it up and clean the mattress surface with a vacuum cleaner to say bye to bacteria. 

Regularly Rotate the Mattress: If you use the sofa bed often, mattress rotation is necessary every six months or so as this will uniformly distribute wear, just like any standard bed mattress.  


We found these 8 sleeper sofas best from all the models that we’ve tested and researched about. However, HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch is our first choice due to its unique L-shape design that opens up fully to offer more space for sleeping. 

Comment box is waiting for you to write your thoughts about the sleeper sofas- which one would you like to buy? Or which one do you already own? Is a sleeper sofa worth buying according to you? And much more.

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