6 Best Steam Irons Reviews – Expert Buying Guide

Whether it’s your casual tee or a formal T-shirt, creaseless clothes create an impression on the people. Therefore, put in a little effort every day and iron your clothes with the best steam iron. Though all clothes irons do the same job but the precision is not same at all. You can’t the professional ironing results with a regular iron. Therefore, these days people are liking steam irons over the dry irons.

We’ve put together 6 top steam irons based on the Amazon’s customer reviews.

1. Black and Decker D2030 Professional Steam Iron

Black and Decker D2030 Professional Steam Iron
Black and Decker D2030 Professional Steam Iron

First, we’ve this Black and Decker D2030 Professional steam iron in the list of best steam irons. This hefty steam iron is basic, but still have enough power to tackle the most stubborn creases and wrinkles.

Although, it doesn’t include some of the security features that latest models are integrated with. With 31 steam vents in the soleplate, the Black and Decker D2030 is a great iron for everyday use.


  • Has a digital display
  • Automatic Shut-off feature; shuts off automatically after 10 mins
  • Waits for just seven seconds between steam bursts
  • A large water tank with capacity of 12-ounce water

2. Shark GI405 Steam Iron

Shark GI405 Steam Iron
Shark GI405 Steam Iron 

The Shark GI405 steam iron weighs lighter than previous two models. If you’re in a search of a steam iron with a high-quality soleplate and latest technologies, this could be a great product for you.

From auto shut-off feature to anti-drip technology, this steam iron by Shark prove its reliability. Thanks to its 8-foot power cord that lets you move the iron freely to iron longer clothes. Furthermore, it has a larger 9 inches stainless-steel soleplate that heats up really quickly and cover the bigger fabric area for fast ironing.


  • Auto shit-off feature
  • A bigger 9-inch stainless-steel soleplate
  • Anti-drip technology
  • A longer power cord of 8 foot
  • Glides smoothly over the fabric

3. Sunbeam Steam Master Iron

Shark GI405 Steam Iron
Shark GI405 Steam Iron

Let’s us tell you about the Sunbeam Steam Master Iron. This is a cheap steam iron that doesn’t have too many features but it’s highly reliable.

It comes with a strong and high-performing stainless-steel soleplate for perfect creaseless clothes in less time. We like its self-cleaning features that keeps the water tank free of mineral deposits for great results. No matters at which temperature the iron has been set, the anti-drip feature will efficiently prevent leakage.

Furthermore, it lets you enjoy peace of mind and ensures safety with 3-motion smart auto shut-off feature. This clothes iron provides a shot of vertical steam for ironing hanging clothes and curtains.


  • Has a power of up to 1400 Watts
  • A stainless-steel soleplate
  • Integrated with self-cleaning features
  • Features a retractable cord
  • Three-way motion smart shut-off feature

4. Panasonic NI-L70SRW Cordless Iron

Panasonic NI-L70SRW Cordless Iron
Panasonic NI-L70SRW Cordless Iron

The Panasonic NI-L70SRW Cordless iron features a unique design and has advanced features. Customers appreciates its performance, built, and convenient usage. It is a cordless iron that lets you freely iron your clothes.

With the curved stainless-steel soleplate, it heats really fast to say “bye” to wrinkles on the clothes. Want to iron your long party gown or room curtains, push the button on the iron’s nose to get a full burst of vertical steam and precise ironing of hanging fabrics.

This Panasonic cordless iron has a durable and lightweight water tank that can hold enough water for producing high-pressure steam. Thanks to its detachable functionality, which lets you take it off the iron for cleaning dirt and mineral deposits.


  • Removable water tank
  • Temperature regulator
  • Steam level controller
  • Cordless
  • The charging port has a retractable cord
  • Monitor controls along with heat light indicators
  • Anti-drip features

5. Rowenta DW5080 Steam Iron

Rowenta DW5080 Steam Iron
Rowenta DW5080 Steam Iron

This handy iron by Rowenta has an anti-drip system that keeps water inside the tank, ensuring a consistent production of steam. The patented soleplate of this Rowenta Steam iron has 400 steam vents that distribute steam ideally over the fabric.

Unlike other steam irons, you can use normal tap water in this iron as there is no risk of damaging due to the mineral deposits. The iron is engineered with self-cleaning system that flushes out deposited minerals and other impurities.

Many customers praise the thermostat knob that is adjustable according to the fabric type, which means if you’re ironing woolen clothes you can set the knob to wool fabric type for safe and effective removal of wrinkles.


  • Large Water Tank
  • Allows you to use tap water
  • 1700 watts of power
  • Self-Cleaning functions
  • Big easy to rotate Thermostat Knob
  • Anti-Drip System
  • 400 steam holes on patented Soleplate

6. Maytag M400 Iron

Maytag M400 Iron
Maytag M400 Iron

The Maytag M400 Iron is effective in ironing different types of clothes (linen, silk, cotton, wool, synthetic, and nylon) as it comes with a fabric selector dial. It reaches the highest level of temperature in less than 60 seconds much faster than conventional irons. Additionally, it needs just 3 second for steam production.

You can get creases out of your drapes, curtains, and hanging garments with the Maytag Iron M400 model as it integrates a vertical steam feature. Its cord measures 8 foot that’s long enough to iron longer garments. Furthermore, the cord has a swivel functionality for free 360-degree movement.

You won’t have to put in much efforts to clean this steam iron due to the self-cleaning features such as anti-calc and anti-scale.


  • Long 8-foot cord
  • swivel feature
  • Fabric type selector dial
  • A large 8-ounce water tank.
  • Heats up quickly

These are our 6 top best steam iron that have the highest number of positive reviews on Amazon from the happy customers.

Important Factors to Look for in a Steam Iron

These days, there are numerous choices for different products available to consumers that are designed with latest technologies. Even when you’re out there in the market to buy a steam iron, you’ll find a variety of steam irons. Making the right decision about which steam iron is best is not an easy job. This is why it’s crucial to determine your needs before purchasing a one as it’ll help you look for the right features.

Here is a detailed buying guide for steam irons that’ll help you get the right one.

Type of Steam Irons

There are three types of steam irons in the market that offer the best results in removing creases. Each type is discussed below in detail:

Traditional Steam Irons

The traditional steam irons generate a little amount of hot steam that removes the wrinkles from the fabric. Most of the features that were earlier available in the costly ones are now found in affordable ones too. In these steam irons normal faucet water can be utilized for steam production. This is because they are integrated with anti-calcium valves and resin filters.

Ironing System

Steam irons come with steam ironing systems that produce steam constantly in high pressure. These are more space occupying units as compared to the conventional ones. Also, steam irons require more warm-up time. Some of the models don’t include the automatic turn off feature if it’s left unattended. They offer wonderful performance even on dry linen clothes in removing stubborn wrinkles.


These types of irons are very similar to traditional ones but the only difference is that they don’t have a cord to get the power. Generally, they don’t offer that impressive performance as given by the corded steam irons. However, the unique selling point of these irons is that they’re travel-friendly. They are powered by the battery and are rechargeable when required.

Type of Sole Plate

Sole plates of iron play an important in determining its quality and performance. Irons with a wider base have increased number of steam vents. You can iron many clothes in a limited time frame as they cover the larger area of fabric. Some people ask the role of pointed ends of soleplates- they’re necessary to ironing not so easy to iron corners of the clothes such as collars, pleats, and between buttons.

Usually, the soleplates of both the latest steam irons and conventional irons are manufactured of either aluminum or have ceramic, poly-Teflon, titanium, and non-stick coating. This gives a smooth finish to the soleplate, which makes it easier for you to move iron over the fabrics. It also reduces the chances of burns. Here are some common types of sole plates in steam irons.

  • Ceramic: Steam irons with ceramic sole plates usually have ceramic coating and aluminum base. If you use it on synthetic fabrics mainly, then this type of soleplate is great for you as ceramic withstand static.

However, they can fade the colors on some fabrics like wool and cotton. Also, the ceramic coating can wear off owing to regular use.  

  • Aluminum:   This is one of the most inexpensive materials that doesn’t compromise in performance at all. It distributes heat better than any other material, providing creaseless clothes every time.
  • Stainless Steel: Natural fabrics such as wool and cotton love stainless-steel soleplates as they’re good heat conductors. When it comes to removing creases on sleeves and pants, they offer good results as compared to steam irons with ceramic soleplates.

Steam Output

The steam output is another vital factor to consider while buying a steam iron. It is advisable to always get a product that has maximum steam producing capability. It allows you to iron even heavy and dry garments with ease.

Generally, the steam output is measured in grams per 60 seconds. Some models can produce over 200 grams of steam each minute while some of them can juts produce 30 grams of steam per minute.

You should also consider whether the steam iron that you’re planning to purchase can iron clothes vertically or not. Additionally, look for the steam control features that let you modify the level of steam- high, mid, or low for delicate and heavier clothes.

The capacity of the water tank

Steam iron with a larger water tank means that it can hold more water to produce steam for longer time. This also indicates that you won’t have to fill water in the tank again and again. A small sized tank can usually hold 210ml of water and require frequent refilling. On the other hand, the larger one has a capacity of more than 300ml. However, steam iron with large water tank weighs heavier than smaller ones.

So, people who iron clothes at home occasionally should get a steam iron with smaller tank. While who does it regularly should get the iron with large tank.

Steam Vents

The number and placement of steam vents on the soleplate of steam irons is a crucial characteristic feature that needs consideration while buying a steam iron. The steam iron soleplates usually feature 16 to 46 steam vents to provide the high-pressure steam bursts when needed. More the number of steam holes, more the steam output for perfect clothes ironing.

Furthermore, some models come with a spray valve along with a push-button on the nose of the iron. A fine mist is produced by the spray valve for more dampness needed for heavier and tougher clothes. Thanks to the pointy ends of the steam iron, which allows you to precisely iron collars, pleats, cuffs, and the area between buttons.

Auto Shut Off

It happens many times that you forget to switch off the steam iron after ironing your clothes and it’s a common mistake. If it’s left switched on over the fabric, it can lead to fabric burning as well as potential accidents. Keeping this thing in mind, manufacturers are coming up with safety features such as auto shut off.

This feature automatically turns off the steam iron once the heat level reaches the highest level that decreases the temperature of soleplate gradually. This is not a common feature and is available in some models only. So, make sure you go through the specifications mentioned on the box carefully.

Temperature Settings

You’ll find a temperature control knob that’s adjustable in every steam iron. The advanced steam irons feature a steam control system, which determines and sets upon the level of steam needed for a particular type of fabric. Additionally, some steam irons come with a built-in auto-cut off feature that keeps an eye on the internal heat level/temperature while decreasing the chances of overheating.


Another critical factor that impacts the performance of your steam iron is its weight. If it’s too heavy and you can’t iron clothes easily, then it can lead to arm and shoulder pain. On the other hand, if it’s too lightweight, it won’t remove the wrinkles perfectly. Therefore, get a steam iron that’s neither too light nor heavy in weight.

Warm-up Time

Right steam iron is ready to use within 2-3 minutes of switching it on and you don’t have to wait for longer for using it. Apart from that, the steam iron produces steam in a very less amount of time. This facilitates effortless ironing of clothes in shorter period.

Ergonomic Handles

Your steam iron should feature comfortable handles so you can hold it with ease while ironing. When you’re in the showroom to buy a steam iron, it is advisable to check how ergonomic its handles are- hold it and move it just like you would do it while ironing your clothes.


What is a worth steam iron price?

High-quality steam irons that have all the advanced features are expensive. However, there are cheap steam irons available in the market but they’ve only some basic features to offer a good performance.

We suggest you to buy a high-end steam iron if you use it on daily basis and if you’re a frequent steam iron user then go for the cheaper models.

How to clean steam iron soleplates?

An uncleaned soleplate can reduce the performance of your steam iron that is it won’t remove wrinkles perfectly. So, it’s crucial to keep the steam iron soleplates clean whenever you see that it’s not working up to the mark.

Here are some cleaning techniques for steam iron soleplates:

Method 1

Things required

  • Cotton swabs
  • A bowl
  • Distilled water
  • Baking Soda
  • Microfiber cloth

How to Clean

  • Make baking soda paste by mixing baking soda and distilled water in 2:1 ratio.
  • Ensure that steam iron is unplugged and is not hot even a little.
  • Apply this paste over the soleplate of steam iron.
  • Dampen the microfiber cloth and rub the soleplate with it.
  • Wet the cotton swab/ball into distilled water and remove the dirt, grime, and paste from the steam vents.
  • Allow the soleplate to dry completely before using it.


Don’t use normal faucet water as it contains minerals that can get deposited on the soleplate.

Method 2

Things Required

  • ½ cup of distilled vinegar (white)
  • A microfiber cloth
  • A microwave-safe bowl
  • A spray bottle

How to clean

  • Microwave the ½ cup of distilled vinegar for about 60 seconds.
  • Transfer the vinegar from microwave-safe bowl to a spray bottle.
  • Spray the vinegar to dampen the microfiber cloth.
  • Wipe clean the soleplate of steam iron with the cloth.
  • Repeat this process until the soleplate become grime-free.

Where to buy best steam iron?

Best steam irons are available both in electronic appliance stores/showrooms and at e-commerce websites. We advise you to get steam irons online from Amazon owing to the quality assurance and best deals. Also, our list of the best steam irons will help you choose better and you won’t have to invest in more time in exploring the wide variety.

Why steam iron leaks?

Over time your steam iron can leak water while ironing clothes. There could be several reasons of steam iron leaking and we’ve discussed them below:

  • Incorrectly set thermostat: when the steam iron thermostat is set to incorrect temperature that is too low then water does not heat up ideally and conversion of water to steam remains incomplete. So, make sure the iron is set to a right temperature. Also, if defect is detected in the thermostat then get it replaced.
  • Clogged soleplate: limescale can clog the steam vents, which lets the limescale and water move out from the iron. This can be fixed by cleaning the steam iron soleplate (methods are discussed above).
  • Broken cap: The cap is designed for hermetically sealing off the steam iron’s water tank whose pressure hikes. If you find the seal and cap of the iron defected, replacement is required.
  • A damaged water tank: If water is coming out of the steam iron’s water tank, then it’s surely due to a hole or crack in the water tank. If the water tank is detachable, then take it out and check it properly whether it’s damaged. If it is not detachable, check it thoroughly. Additionally, when the water tank is too full then water leaks. So, make sure to maintain the right water level in the tank.  

How to clean steam iron tank?

Some steam irons come with anti-cal system to remove mineral and dirt deposits from the water tank. It’s necessary to keep the water tank clean for optimal performance.

  • Things you’ll need- pure vinegar, metal tray, distilled water, and dry white cloth.
  • Pour vinegar into the steam iron’s water tank until it goes to a quarter level. Now, set the temperature to medium setting.
  • Iron the dry white cloth until water gets completely evaporated.
  • Now fill the full water tank with distilled water.
  • Iron the cloth multiple times. However, leave sufficient water in the tank to finish the next step.
  • Hold your steam iron at some distance to the metal tray and spray to expel the steam until the tank becomes empty. 


Rather than getting confused about “which steam iron is best”, go through our buying guide thoroughly.

From our research, we found that Rowenta DW5080 steam iron is favorite of most customers. This iron excels in terms of performance, cost, and latest features. However, some of our co-worker actually use the Black+Decker D2030 steam iron and they’re the fan of its performance.

So, that’s all for today’s article. Do let us know which one would you like to purchase?  

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