Top 9 Tabletop Fountains to Enhance the Look of Your Space

Tabletop fountains can create a calming atmosphere in any space in no time and for this the relaxing falling water sounds take the credit. This home decor piece finds its place in a variety of spaces such as restaurants, shopping malls, and medical offices too. It also makes a great addition to commercial offices and homes that will brings serenity as well as style. 

When used in a formal atmosphere such as business offices, a fountain can be a source of relaxation for the employees. Have you ever heard of White Noise? This is a consistent level of sound, which helps to reduce the intensity of background noise. This indicates that the hum of office conversation, the clicking of mouse and keyboards, the beeping sound of computers, and other disturbing noises in any office can be minimized by the continuous sound of the flowing water.

Indoor fountains are categorized into two types- wall fountains and tabletop fountains.  You can pick from any of these styles, but if you’re in a search of a versatile water foundation for your home or office, we recommend you to buy tabletop water fountain. Generally, they are designed in a large size, so they instantly catch everyone’s attention. As everyone doesn’t have enough space on their table surface to place the large indoor fountains, so the manufacturers also make smaller units. The small tabletop fountain is great for keeping on smaller workstations in offices or even a small corner shelf in homes

Thanks to their design that make them stable atop a table or desk due to which they’re commonly added to reception, waiting areas, and living spaces to ensure relaxation. Many healthcare professionals love to add this decorative tabletop fountain to their clinic and treatment rooms as it is highly practical to distract the patients from the sound of surgical equipment. For example: A tabletop fountain in a dental clinic will withdraw the focus of the patients from the sounds of drill and other equipment and make them enjoy the flowing water sound. 

With so many indoor tabletop fountains to pick from, you might get confused to pick a right one for your table, nightstand, or chest table. Therefore, we’ve some amazing recommendations for you from which you can select the best tabletop fountains. Also, you’ll find the buyer’s guide and answers of some frequently asked questions for indoor water fountains. 

Table of Contents
Recommendations for Top 10 Tabletop Fountains for Your Interior
Buyer’s Guide – Things to Consider While Buying a Tabletop Fountain
Frequently Asked Questions
Final Verdict

Top 10 Tabletop Fountains for Your Interior

Silver Springs Indoor Relaxation Fountain Illuminated Waterfall

Showcase EnviraScape Silver Springs Relaxation Fountain to form a calming setting in any space. Neither too small nor too big, this decorative tabletop water fountain features the right size to highlight your center table, sideboard, office desk, or nightstand. It’s an Asian-inspired home décor item that make an ideal combination of sound and light in a room to help you relax after a stressful day at your workplace.

It highlights your love for nature and exclusive taste in home decor. Its minimal design and lovely color combination of black and silver is sure to create an unusual impression on the viewers. Shop this 3-tiered cascading fountain online to bring nature indoors!

3-tier design
Automatic pump and on/off switch
Has a right size 
Easily portable
Large basin

Bits and Pieces – Indoor Water Lily Water Fountain-Small Size

While the sound of flowing water through the fountain is relaxing, a noisy motor can destroy the whole experience. We love this Bits and Pieces Indoor water lily fountain for its silent motor. It boasts a lovely water lily design where the pot is in coated in black, leaves in green patina, and flowers in copper. 

With an overall size of 8 x 10 inches, it is best for indoor use and can be easily placed on the small tables. You can add river rocks or pebbles in the bowl to upgrade its look and adjust the sound of water flow as per your convenience. However, the pebbles or rocks aren’t included, you have to buy them separately. 

Lightweight and compact
Ideal for smaller tables
Attractive color combination- green patina, black and copper

Alpine Corporation Pouring Tiers Tabletop Fountain with 3 Candles

Top 9 Tabletop Fountains to Enhance the Look of Your Space 1

This stunning tabletop fountain creates a perfect setting for meditation as water flows into the rock through its 3 pouring tiers. Handmade from sustainable resin materials, it will last for years to maintain the beauty of your space. The natural stones and rough textures further add to its design

If you want to enhance its natural look, the river stones can be added at the top of the basin. It produces soft and soothing sounds to aid in calming your mind and reviving your spirit. Additionally, it comes with three candles that bring a romantic feel to any room.  Measuring 9 x 9 x 11 inches, this modern indoor fountain can give an attractive look to any table. 

Love it? Click here to order Alpine Corporation Pouring Tiers Tabletop Fountain with 3 Candles online at affordable rates. 

Includes candles and accent stones
Ideal size- 9″L x 9″W x 11″H
Lovely 3 pouring tiers
Made of durable resin materials

BBabe Desktop Waterfall Fountain Decor LED Illuminated Indoor Portable 

Top 9 Tabletop Fountains to Enhance the Look of Your Space 2

The minimal design of the BBabe LED Tabletop Fountain makes your home or office sophisticated and attractive. This flowing water showpiece features 4 tiers through which a stream of water gently flows from each bowl one by one, producing relaxing sound for a tranquil setting. In addition to this, it features built-in LED lights to accentuate the details of the design for improved visual interest. This indoor tabletop fountain will add natural vibe and peace to your living space.

What we like the most about this BBabe indoor fountain is that it uses LED technology to offer perfect lighting output that makes the fountain instantly visible. Furthermore, it won’t hike your electricity bill, making a cost-effective piece of home décor. 

Made of poly resin material; durable
Portable and easy to reposition
Large size- 10 1/5 x 7 x 9 2/5 inches
Equipped with energy-efficient LED lights

John Timberland 3-Tier Bronze Stone Contemporary 9 ¾ inches

Top 9 Tabletop Fountains to Enhance the Look of Your Space 3

An indoor water tabletop fountain like John Timberland 3-tier bronze stone contemporary indoor water fountain is a nice way to add peace to your decor. Boasting a modern design, it features three faux stone circular tiers in bronze stone finish. Water gently flows down inside the circular bowls and this pleasing water flowing process is repeated over and over. 

Thanks to its polyresin construction that makes it lightweight and easy to place anywhere. It includes a convenient power cord, which you have to simply plug and play after adding water to the fountain. The bronze stone finish will complement most of the decors. Check the price of this John Timberland home decor water fountain online and make it a part of your sweet home!

Includes a 9 ft. cord
Includes a pump
Bronze stone finish
Polyresin construction
Easy to reposition

John Timberland Seashells Modern Zen Indoor Table-Top Water Fountain 

Top 9 Tabletop Fountains to Enhance the Look of Your Space 4

Make a charming addition to a garden table or living room sideboard with this John Timberland Seashells Modern Zen Indoor tabletop fountain. Designed using ceramic, this flowing water showpiece boasts a rich look. Furthermore, its stunning teal finish in combination with light brown highlights offers a dimensional visual effect. 

You just have to complete the set up a pump and 5-foot cord to start the relaxing water flow. We love the quality of its material as the ceramic is weatherproof and sturdy. It looks pretty and makes a perfect gifting idea for your family and friends. They’ll love this artistic piece of home décor too. 

Comes with a 5-foot cord
Ceramic construction
Lovely teal finish
Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
Great for gifting

John Timberland Zen Tabletop Water Fountain with LED Light Rolling

Top 9 Tabletop Fountains to Enhance the Look of Your Space 5

The stylish pyramid design of this appealing tabletop water fountain by John Timberland brings a unique style to your room. It comes with a rolling ball at the top, which is propelled by the steady water flow through the fountain. It has 3 stacked marbled tiers that are surrounded in LED multi-colored lights. The intriguing design is highlighted by smooth natural stones.

The brand understands that every customer likes you and we expect the product to be of great quality. Therefore, the cast resin material is used to design such as a beautiful indoor fountain. Furthermore, its lightweight and can be easily shifted from one place to another. 

7-inch high
Features a marbled finish
Has a rolling ball on the fountain’s top
Comes with built-in multi-colored LED lights
Cast resin construction
5-foot cord

SereneLife Desktop 3-Tier Waterfall Fountain

Top 9 Tabletop Fountains to Enhance the Look of Your Space 6

This SereneLife Desktop 3-Tier Waterfall Fountain is a great decor accent for both outdoor and indoor spaces. It’s lightweight and you can easily move it anywhere you want it to be placed and for this, the credit goes to its resin material. It’s a stylish home décor piece that looks stunning on your kitchen countertop, office desk, center table, or patio table. We highly recommend this beautiful indoor waterfall fountain. 

The gentle flow of water produces a calming sound that promotes a night of restful sleep and helps you overcome stress. In addition to this, this compact tabletop fountain comes with an automatic pump that keeps circulating water to prevent the accumulation of algae, preventing the fountain from damage. You can add your favorite tea lights to it for a warm ambiance. 

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces
Inbuilt automatic pump
Has a space to add tea lights
3-tier cascading fountain

John Timberland Namaste Zen Buddha Tabletop Water Fountain 

Top 9 Tabletop Fountains to Enhance the Look of Your Space 7

For an extra touch of style and spirituality, John Timberland brings you this Zen Buddha Tabletop Water Fountain. It measures 11.5″ x 8.4″ x 7″ and depicts Buddha in hands joint together or “Namaste” position. Featuring a light above the head, it emits a soothing glow, which looks pretty when your room’s lights are switched off. 

It makes a beautiful addition to any room, and the outputs the calming and peaceful sound. Thanks to its faux stone finish that suits the contemporary, traditional as well as transitional decors. This fiberglass fountain weighs too light for easy portability. The brand offers you the tabletop water fountain with Buddha in different positions. 

Faux stone finish
6-foot cord
Easy to set up
Fiberglass construction
Comes with a top light with a single LED 5-watt MR-11 4000K

Things to Be Kept in Mind Before Buying a Tabletop Fountain

Decorative tabletop fountains are available in a range of styles and sizes to fulfill diverse home décor needs of people. Fountains can be a statement decorative piece that will not only upgrades any interior’s beauty but also works to calm your mind.

Size: They come in different sizes and you want to be sure you get your hands on to the right size of the tabletop fountain for any particular space in your office or home. Furthermore, they are a bit heavier so you need to ensure that the table or any flat surface on which you will place it is sturdy enough to keep it stable and safe. 

Materials: Tabletop interior fountains are designed from a variety of materials such as slate, natural stone river rock, copper, ceramics, bamboo, or brass.

Placement: The place where you will add your tabletop fountain makes a huge difference in changing the interior’s look. No one wants to keep a tabletop fountain where the cord is lying in the passageway or it may be easily knocked over by children or someone else. So, consider the location of your fountain. 

Durability: You should pick a tabletop fountain that is made of high-quality and durable materials to get the true value for money. Also, make sure the motor and pump are of the right size that ensure easy usage every day.

Budget: Tabletop fountains are available in almost all price range. You should be clear about your budget as this will assist you to buy a budget-friendly fountain. By budget, we not only mean the cost of the fountain, but also the cost of maintenance, cleaning, and electricity.

Light: It depends on your personal choice whether your tabletop fountain should be equipped with a light or not. This will assist you in picking a fountain without much complexities in the design. 

Complementary Décor: If your features traditional decor and includes only vintage furnishings and décor items then you should not ever buy a contemporary fountain. An indoor fountain should always complement the space, highlighting asymmetry. 

Once you’ve considered all the above factors, you’re all set to shop for the best tabletop fountain. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take care of my tabletop fountain?

Proper care of your tabletop fountain will ensure that it is enjoyed for years.


It is suggested to use distilled water in your tabletop fountain and for all other types of fountains. Normal faucet water contains minerals and other elements that is safe for humans. But as the matter of fact, these minerals and other elements cause damage to the pump of tabletop fountain, which can be seen in the form of staining. 

Don’t get confused by the “drinking water” labels on the water bottles while buying distilled water. Distilled water is the form of water in which no minerals and additives are added. 

It’s also vital to maintain a sufficient water level in the tabletop fountain. In the event of a low water level, the pump won’t work efficiently and there are high chances of the burning the pump if it gets waterless. So, you should always keep an eye on the water level and fill water timely in the pump when it is about to finish. 


Often unwanted things can be found in fountains such as algae. Algae are not detrimental and as long as the fountain water is not allowed to remain stagnant won’t produce foul odors. However, algae do not put down the beauty of your decorative tabletop fountain. Additionally, if you allow the algae to grow then the pump may consequently become clogged. If the speed or volume of water flowing starts to decrease, it’s calling for cleaning. 


You should clean the water fountain and its pump timely to ensure smooth water flow. Sometimes, if the algae growth remains unhindered, it becomes essential to empty the tabletop fountain and carefully clean each part.  A soft damp cloth is usually required for cleaning, but if you pick the cleaners then be sure to use only specifically formulated fountain cleaners. We suggest you to sterilize your water fountain after cleaning. It can be easily done by dipping all the parts along with the pump in a mild chlorine solution.

Is a tabletop fountain a good gifting idea?

A tabletop fountain is an excellent gifting choice for your friends and family on any occasion such as festivals, anniversary, birthday, etc. Just like you want to update your home décor, they’ll love to add a decorative touch to their space too. 

Depending upon your budget, you can buy a tabletop water fountain online or from any local gift store. 

Will my tabletop fountain splash on the table?

All water fountains that are designed particularly for indoor use should not splash. Usually splashing is a consequence of the fountain not being installed properly. The instruction manual that comes along the water fountain guides you on how to properly install the fountain. One of the reasons for water splashing can the level of water. Make sure the water level is either too high nor too low. With most water fountains the pump can be adjusted for optimal water flow.  Another tip to prevent splash is to add some pebbles and river rocks to the basin of the fountain.

What are the types of indoor water fountains?

There are three types of indoor water foundations: 

Wall Fountain

The more creative homeowners would love to replace painting with a beguiling wall fountain. Depending on the style and look that you want to achieve in your space, a wall fountain can feature backdrops designed from stones such as granite or slate, or metals like copper or brass. Combined with complementing décor items, wall fountains boast an elegant look. A wall fountain can serve as a statement piece in your home, earning you tons of compliments. 

Tabletop Fountain

Tabletop water fountain is a versatile piece of home decor. It makes a best choice for those who wants to add a natural vibe to their interior. It is available in a variety of sizes, which are ideal for any flat surface of table, office work desk, study desk, etc. Another pro of a tabletop fountain is that it’s easy to install and maintain. 

Floor or Freestanding Fountain

Floor fountains are possibly the most versatile among all types and styles of home fountains. They can range from low and minimal to tall and luxurious. You can even choose floor-to-ceiling water fountains, which can also serve as a divider between the different rooms of your home. Freestanding or floor fountains can be designed from different materials, depending on your style. If you want to evoke a natural setting, we suggest you buy a stone indoor floor fountain. On the other hand, lovers of industrial or modern style should go for glass or brushed metal floor fountain. 

How can I control the sound of flowing water in my fountain?

The water flow sounds of every fountain are different.  The pumps of most water fountain are adjustable that lets you control the sound of flowing water.  The level of water in the basin also impact the sound of the water flow of the fountain. You can also put in river rocks and pebbles in the basin to reduce the water sounds.

Final Verdict

Nothing could be better than an indoor tabletop fountain to bring a sense of relaxation and style to your space.

Now that you know this well what to consider while purchasing the best tabletop fountain and have some suggestions too, we hope you can easily make the right choice for yourself or your near and dear one for gifting. 

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