11 Best Vodka Brand in 2020 That Should Be Included in Your Liquor Collection

Whether you love Belvedere or Grey Goose vodka, we’ve handpicked some of the best vodka brands 2020 that should be added to your liquor cabinet. 

Many people think that the taste of all vodka is similar, but that’s not true. Perhaps, they haven’t tried great vodka available on the market. Whether your all-time preference is a simple vodka martini, versatile vodka makes a strong base for any cocktail. With the change of health trends and increase of food intolerances, the best vodka brands in the world use organic ingredients and make gluten-free vodkas. 

Whether you’re looking for the best cheap vodka or a high-end one, these 11 best vodka brands 2020 offers what you need. 

Best Vodka in the World 2020

Belvedere Vodka

Country of Origin: Poland

Price: $45

Originated from Poland, Belvedere vodka is an award-winning vodka that can be either mixed with any cocktail or can be sipped straight up. This fine quality Polish vodka has won many blind tasting competitions and picked by many customers. 

Due to the quadruple distillation, it has a smooth taste of vanilla with a little hint of white pepper, which makes it the best tasting vodka for both vodka lovers and for those who’re going to try vodka for the first time. This is a great option that has an awesome taste as well as medium price tag. 

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Grey Goose Vodka

Country of Origin: French

Price: $34.00

Grey Goose Vodka is a light vodka from France that is great for sipping straight or mixing with your favourite cocktail. Most people sip it neat owing to its citrusy undertones and creamy finish. Moreover, it does not have a strong odour. 

Made with Cognac region water and French winter wheat, your taste buds will love this French vodka. This is the best sipping vodka that comes in a pretty bottle and looks great on your liquor shelf too. It goes down very easily, making a great option for everyone. Must get it for your next party!

Absolut Vodka

Country of Origin: Sweden

Price: $25.98

If you’re a fan of Ciroc’s flavours but are not interested in paying that hefty amount, then try the best flavoured vodka- Absolut vodka. It’s an affordable substitute to high-end Ciroc vodka. Its range of flavours and inexpensive price tag are the reasons behind its preference in restaurants and bars. Catch up your friends at your place and let them enjoy the great flavours by offering them the best vodka drinks.  

This Swedish vodka is made exclusively from organic ingredients like winter wheat and water. Unlike vodkas from other brands, it doesn’t include any added sugar. You’ll love the hint of dried fruit in it. Enhances the taste of cocktails!

Note: It’s not gluten-free, so people allergic to gluten should reconsider their decision of picking this vodka. 


Country of Origin: USA

Price: $23 (average)

Skyy Vodka is the only vodka that’s exclusively made from American grains. It presents a crisp and neutral aroma along with the hint of grain sweetness. Coming to its taste, it’s clean and balanced, which not everyone likes as it is on the drier side than rich vodkas by other brands. 

However, this is trending in 2020 accentuating the upper shelves of most clubs and bars. Usually, even if you buy the best cheap vodka, it offers no great taste, but this American Vodka is rising above this trend by offering a smooth taste and is budget-friendly too. Best for making cocktails! 

Note: It’s not gluten-free. 

Russian Standard Vodka

Country of Origin: Russia

Price: $23.00

Russian Standard Vodka is the best tasting vodka that comes under an affordable price range. So, if you’re on a lookout for a budget-friendly vodka with a luxury taste, then this a great option to go for. This vodka is the benchmark of quality in the country of origin. 

Thanks to its purity, which makes it ideal for sipping neat. Just remember that it’s chilled to get the best taste of it. It’s the best Russian Vodka that is created using the latest distillation methods, pure glacial water, and finest quality winter wheat. 

Hangar 1 Vodka

Country of Origin: California

Price: $41.00

The Hangar 1 Vodka was launched in 2002 and is one of the highly recommended and best vodkas in the world. The combination of fine grapes and Midwestern grains are combined together to make this vodka. It is smooth and followed by a slight fruity note.

 Sealed in a sleek bottle, it makes a nice addition to your liquor collection. Blend this vodka with soda and a squeeze of lime for a perfect drink. 

Prairie Organic

Country of Origin: Minnesota

Price: $21.99

Made with naturally-grown corns on family farms, the Prairie Organic Vodka Non-GMO and free from harmful chemicals. There’s no compromise done with the quality of the vodka and it’s continually distilled until it gets the right taste. Even the ones who are sensitive to gluten can get their hands on this vodka. 

Hints of pear and melon on the nose, creaminess on the taste buds, and smooth finish will make it your favourite vodka in your entire vodka collection. Looking for a variety? This is the best tasting vodka that comes in a cucumber flavour too. Mindfully created and tastefully enjoyed!

Chase Vodka

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Price: Unknown

For those who love everything British, here is the premium-quality Chase Original Potato Vodka. It has got the tag of best tasting vodka in 2010 at the San Francisco world spirits competition. This vodka is ideal for premium vodka martini.

Simply a hint of fresh and organic potato on the nose, a creaminess with a waxy greasiness on the palate, and a smooth finish with mineral undertones make this vodka an ultimate spirit that will become your favourite in no time. 

Ketel One

Country of Origin: Schiedam, Netherlands

Price: $34

Inspired by more than 300 years of Dutch family distilling tradition, Ketel One Vodka is made in small batches from the premium-quality European wheat. The vodka got its name from the original coal-fired copper pot stills, which is in operation today as well. 

Your palate will appreciate its crispiness and coolness along with the hint of honey and citrus. It leaves a lively tingle, which reminds you of its ultimate quality. Being the purest delight, this vodka offers the best taste when served chilled. Gift the best tasting vodka to your beloved friend or family member.

Reyka Vodka


Country of Origin: Iceland

Price: $30

Being an award-winning vodka, Reyka is produced in small batches using natural resources from Iceland including the arctic spring water, which is filtered with lava rocks. The best aspect about this Icelandic vodka is that it’s formulated in the zero-emission, geo-thermal distillery, making it a perfect way to minimize your carbon footprint. 

Its mild, minty flavours are just amazing and will make you utter “It’s really fresh”. Simply pour the best vodka over ice, mix in a cocktail, and experience the premium taste. 

Tito’s Handmade Vodka

11 Best Vodka Brand in 2020 That Should Be Included in Your Liquor Collection 1

Country of Origin: Austin

Price: $29

Undoubtedly, the most versatile, budget-friendly vodka brand in the US, Tito’s is recommended by many vodka enthusiasts. Made in Austin, it’s micro-distilled in small quantities for an ultimate crisp and fresh finish. It can compete any luxury vodka brand on the market. 

Being the best sipping vodka, Tito’s Handmade vodka offers an impeccable taste that you would like to serve your friends and family too!

These are our 11 best vodka brands 2020, which we encourage you to taste once and if you like any of them, do include it in your vodka shelf.  


How does distilling vodka impact the quality of vodka?

A good-quality vodka will get down smoothly, while a low-quality one can burn. Premium vodkas are distilled for longer and undergo through filtration. It is done to purify the vodka. However, if vodka is over distilled, there are high chances of stripping off all the base flavours, ruining the vodka’s quality. 

What is bathtub vodka?

A bathtub vodka is the one, which is made on the black market. This is done to avoid taxation and earn more profits. It is advisable not to consume bathtub vodka as the producers do not follow safe production methods, increasing the risk of death. 

What is the standard percentage of alcohol in any European vodka?

The European Union suggests that standard alcohol content in any European vodka is 37.5% ABV or 75 proof. This figure is chosen by the EU to indicate minimum taste standards when having vodka straight up since this is the way majority people consume vodka. 

If the alcohol level in less than 37.5%, the vodka will give a watery taste. Conversely, the strong vodkas have 40% alcohol by volume. 

How long an opened vodka bottle lasts?

When the vodka bottle is opened, evaporation happens slowly but it will take years to show a noticeable reduction in the vodka volume. Though the quality will start ruining after a year, and the spirit will completely lose its flavour after a decade. The alcoholic content will slowly decrease and provides a chance for bacteria formation and maybe poising after ten years. 

Final Verdict

From our list of 11 best vodka brands 2020, Russian Standard Vodka is our best pick. The credit goes to its luxury taste that comes at an affordable price. If you’re looking for the best-flavoured vodka, you can consider the Absolut vodka that’s also available at a reasonable price. Have you already tried any one of the above? Or would like to taste any of these vodkas? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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